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Congratulations on choosing to take this journey of MASTERING MONEY! You're already on your way to more abundance and prosperity!

When you're starting your journal journey, post to IG (tag @atyoursoulspace so we can support and celebrate you!) Then, join the WHATSAPP GROUP so your community can support and celebrate you!

Alright, grab that journal and let's get started!

  1. What does Mastering Money mean to you?

  2. When you think of money, what emotions, thoughts, and feelings arise for you? 

  3. Finish this sentence at least 10 times - “Money is…”

  4. What beliefs or ideas did you hear about money in childhood? 

  5. With the awareness that our beliefs create our reality, what beliefs or ideas would you love to have about money?

  6. Use these beliefs as affirmations and write out each one 10 times. 

  7. Look around your home… in your closets, drawers, cabinets. Look at your furniture, bedding, etc. - What items are not in alignment with your new belief systems? Can you let them go?

  8. If you knew money MUST go out to come in, what are three thing you would buy yourself that feel a bit extravagant according to your current belief systems. Bonus: buy one today.

  9. Yesterday’s list can illuminate where your values lie. Now Look at your spending over the last two weeks - list out where your money was going and journal about where your CC statement say your values lie. 

  10. Are there any current expenses that are no longer in alignment with your values?

  11. Are there any new investments you can make that align with your values? 

  12. List 5 wealthy people who inspire you - describe their relationship with money.

  13. List the 5 people you spend the most time with - describe their relationship with money.

  14. Is there anyone in your life that no longer aligns with your personal values and goals? Is there anyone you know that inspires you that you can spend more time with?

  15. Look around - anything you can add or subtract from your life?

  16. Has money ever caused stress in your life? Explain.

  17. Has money ever blessed your life? explain.

  18. Money is energy and that energy is listening! Write a letter to money - express the good, bad, and ugly - perhaps some forgiveness is needed? Or perhaps some requests?

  19. Now let’s align with abundance - Makes list of 10-15 things you are truly grateful for.

  20. Giving goes hadn’t in hand with receiving. What gifts would you love to give and to who?

  21. Describe your most abundant life in detail!!!! 


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