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Join us for an evening of healing, as we open our third eyes and journey into the depths of our inner wisdom. Arrive at 5pm with a yoga mat and cozy attire. There will be a sunset Hapé offering, followed by a Shroomin' cacao ceremony. Then, I will bathe you with sound frequencies as Madelyn comes around with aromatherapy and Reiki.

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Visit our booth at The Giving Gala DTLA. A charitable cause and great community!

Join us for a powerful Cacao Breathwork Soundbath Extravaganza. More details to come...


April 01 & 02
Curious about sound healing? Interested in facilitating soundbaths? THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Sign up now and get $100 off your tuition. This is a 10 hour training, packed with juicy information. More details to come...

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