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Hiya!! Coach Cam here. Thank you so much for visiting the SoulSPACE website. I'm so happy you're here! The intention of this soul-led brand is to help you disconnect from the external, go inside, and reconnect with the infinite source of wisdom within.


Each one of these SoulSPACE offerings is intended to help you create more space for your soul growth at your unique soul's pace. I believe if you're reading this, you are ready to heal so you can live the most expansive life possible. 





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My story is one of resilience, a story of Suicidal to Thrival. Many moons ago, I was in a dark place - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I was out in LA nightclubs looking for my validation. I was hoarding in my studio apartment to build barriers between me and the world. I was hearing my mind on a constant loop of abusive thoughts. I was contemplating taking my own life...a lot. I wasn't digesting food and barely had the energy to get out of bed in the morning. I was working as an actress on TV, but going home and crying myself to sleep every night. The outside may have looked okay, but inside I was as good as dead.


Then the film 'The Secret' came out and I gave the Law of Attraction a try. It was a step. Next, I found a holistic health practitioner. I changed my diet, explored healing modalities & religions, found yoga, and leaned into a meditation practice. I began changing my life from the inside, out. The lens of my perception was being cleansed and for the first time, I was seeing clearly. Life had so much beauty to offer that I had never seen before. 


Real talk - the journey has not been pretty. Between the emotional release work, the mental detoxing of old paradigms, and owning up to my past actions, I used every bit of support I could find. Along the path from sinking to olympic swimmer (metaphorically, of course) I have acquired tools, modalities, tips, and practices to serve others who have been in that place. I hope that my journey can inspire those who have lost a bit of their hope. 

It just takes one step. Maybe SoulSPACE is that step for you. 


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