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Congratulations on choosing to take this journey of MANIFESTING LOVE ! You're already on your way to more abundance and attraction!

When you're starting your journal journey, post to IG (tag @atyoursoulspace so we can support and celebrate you!) Then, join the WHATSAPP GROUP so your community can support and celebrate you!

Alright, grab that journal and let's get started!

DAY 1: What does love mean to you, and how do you want to experience it?

DAY 2: In order to discover what your current beliefs are, remain completely unfiltered and finish this sentence: Love is... (complete the sentence at least 10 times.) What did you discover?

DAY 3: List 5 new beliefs (affirmations) about love that reflect the kind of love you want to experience. Then, write each one out 5 times.

DAY 4: List 3 loving relationships (real life or fictional) that inspire you. What do you love about their love? Does their love align with your new beliefs? 

DAY 5: Describe the qualities of your ideal loving partner (if you already have a partner, describe the qualities you most appreciate about them.)

DAY 6: Attracting the love we want means becoming the loving partner we desire. Look through your list from Day 5. Circle the qualities that you may want to strengthen. How can you practice those qualities toward yourself and others this week?

DAY 7: Describe, in detail, the most amazing date you could possibly dream up! (Bonus challenge: describe it as if it's already a memory or Diary entry!) 

DAY 8: What would it take for you to take yourself out on that date? Create a plan to make it happen!

DAY 9: When you think about receiving love the kind of love you want to manifest, what fears/resistance/doubt arises? Where do they stem from? 

Day 10: Is there a relationship from your past that feels unresolved? Write a letter and speak your peace to that past partner/friend/family member/co-worker to clear, release, and resolve that energy!

DAY 11: Describe three lessons you learned about love through past romantic relationships. 

DAY 12: List 21 things you absolutely love (this could be a pet, person, coffee shop, song...anything!)

DAY 13: List 21 things you absolutely love about yourself. 

DAY 14: List five self-care practices that help you feel more open to love and connection. (Bonus challenge: practice all five this week!)

DAY 15: What would you need to believe about yourself in order to attract and align with the love you desire?

DAY 16: Write out your new belief as an "I am" statement 21 times!

DAY 17: Describe your life six months from now if you fully embodied this new belief about yourself. Get as detailed and have as much fun as you'd like with this!

DAY 18: Name three actions you'd take this week if you knew your 'I am' statement was true. (Bonus Challenge: do them!)

DAY 19: Describe a moment in your life when you felt truly loved.

DAY 20: Write a letter of gratitude to the Universe/God/Source/Higher Self for bringing you the love you were seeking in the present tense as if it's already manifested.

DAY 21: Write yourself a love letter. Get as mushy and romantic as you want and have fun!


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