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Congratulations on choosing to take this journey of MANIFESTING YOUR BEST YEAR YET! You're already on your way to more abundance and prosperity!

When you're starting your journal journey, post to IG (tag @atyoursoulspace so we can support and celebrate you!) Then, join the WHATSAPP GROUP so your community can support and celebrate you!

Alright, grab that journal and let's get started!

DAY 1: Why did you decide to go on this journey and what excites you most about doing this Manifesting Journal Challenge? 

DAY 2: Describe in detail what the best year of your life looks like across various aspects of your life. 

DAY 3: Who would you need to become to make your vision seem normal/doable/easy?

Day 4: If you truly embodied the version of yourself you described yesterday, what actions would you take or habits would you implement to manifest your desires? 

DAY 5: What resistance, if any, may stop you from executing the necessary action/habits to make your dreams a reality?

DAY 6: What beliefs or fears are underneath the resistance? Are they valid? How have they been serving you?

DAY 7: Write about 3 instances in your life where you felt resistance (fear) and overcame it. How did it feel? What was the outcome? 

DAY 8: List 10 qualities you currently have that will support you in bringing your vision to life this year.

DAY 9: Describe 3 people who inspire you and what inspires you about them. 

DAY 10: List 10 new beliefs that could support you in creating the best year of your life. 

DAY 11: If you fully embodied your 10 new beliefs, what changes might you make in your life? How might you walk? Talk? What would you do for work? What would your relationships be like? 

DAY 12: Time for gratitude! Make a list of 21 things you are truly grateful for and do your best to feel into each one as you write!

DAY 13: We attract what we are aligned with. What are 5 activities that get into a state of joy, peace, or love?

DAY 14: What aspects of your life are not currently in alignment with the vision you're creating? AKA - what or who drains you?

DAY 15: What would it take for you to detox your life? To let go of what's no longer serving you?

DAY 16: What boundaries can you put in place this week to protect your energy and support the growth of your manifestation?

DAY 17: Imagine it's the last day of 2024. Create a diary entry as if everything you wanted in 2024 manifested exactly how you desired.

DAY 18: Imagine it's December 31st,  2024. Describe your 3 favorite moments of 2024 in detail (have fun!)

DAY 19: As if it's still December 31st, 2024, describe the person you have become over the last year!

DAY 20: What advice would your future self one year from now give to you at this moment to guarantee you have the best year of your life?

DAY 21: Write out a personal contract to commit to new ways of being that will support you in creating the best possible year! Get specific about what beliefs you are subscribing to and what habits you are putting into practice. Include resources for how you will stay committed to them. At the bottom Sign and Date the contract to make it official. Put it somewhere you will see and be able to reread as often as you'd like.   


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