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Pink Petals

The Spring Cleaning Gift Box Experience

Embark on a personalized journey of gifting with our exclusive Gift Box Experiences. Each carefully curated item is designed to cleanse your home and your energy to create an atmosphere for new beginnings! It's more than a gift – it's an enchanting experience that inspires well-being and joy! hand-crafted gift box includes: Keep-It-Clean Spray, Breathe Easy Spray, Create Roller, and Chakra Clearing Sage !

Spring is all about new beginnings, so here's a step-by-step guide on how to use these items to manifest a new beginning:

1.) Roll Create into your hands and take a few big whifs. Then close your eyes and envision something you want to call into your life. 

2.) Open doors and windows and light up the sage. Smudge every corner of each room and as you do repeat the mantra "I am clearing out the old to bring in the new."

3.) Grab your Keep-it-Clean spray and use it on all countertops, floors, sinks... anything that needs a lil disinfecting! Allow the smell to freshen your home as it works its cleaning magic. 

4.) Now spray your Breathe Easy spray into each room, on the linens, and all around you. Breathe in the amazing fragrance and let it clear your sinuses and rid you of any pesky stress or tension headaches.

5.) Now write down the vision you had at the beginning of this journey (hopefully in your SOULSPACE Journal+Pen Set) and place it next to your bed. 

6.) Every morning you wake up, apply Create to your wrists or hands and bask in the scent while you read your vision journal entry. In no time, your vision is sure to manifest! 

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