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Our mission is to facilitate healing and expansion at your soul's pace. As the founder of this soul-led brand, I offer a wide variety of modalities and offerings to ensure that you will be nourished in a way that feels safe and manageable for your lifestyle and intention. Explore this page, have fun, and I hope to see you in person or online very soon!


With all my love,

Camila  XOXO

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A one-on-one session includes a blend of Reiki healing, life coaching, aromatherapy, soundbath, and intuitive reading tailored specifically to you.


Reiki-infused and handmade with love, these products are a great way to nourish yourself daily and make great gifts for the ones you care about. 


We offer a variety of ceremonies, social events, and workshops that give you safe space to heal and grow while connecting with conscious community! 

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There are a variety of wellness retreats, whether you're looking to visit the jungle, the ocean, or the desert. Choose your dream destination!

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