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"Camila is a gifted coach, a remarkably intuitive being, and an all-around badass! She is caring and compassionate, however, she will not hesitate to call you on your bullsh*t and guide you right into your next level of life! Camila's coaching has had a profoundly positive impact in my life, for which I am deeply grateful."



"Working with Camila feels like having a friend deep dive into my soul with me. Her positivity & light are electric and contagious (the good kind)!! She created so many spiritual opportunities for all the a-ha moments and gave me the tools (and - ahem - freedom) to play around in those. She’s a champion soul unlocker and perhaps the best listener there is!"




"During a time when everything seemed to be falling apart, Camila provided intuitive guidance, love, & a safe space for me to journey within. With her support, I created a spiritual foundation to re-discover who I am & what I believe. Working with Camila to finally commit to my healing was one of the best choices I’ve ever made — a monumental point for me to begin stepping fully into my power. I HIGHLY recommend her as a coach!"


"When I started coaching with Camila, I was in an unsettled relationship with myself and the world. With great compassion and awareness, she gave me tailored practices, inspiration and support to recognize my own divine nature and to see it in others.  I've experienced real healing and found love for myself which has brought peace and joy.  She has helped me to see through my self-created illusions and self-limiting thoughts, finding a true awakening which has transformed my life.  She is a blessing and I am incredibly grateful for her wisdom and the passion she brings to her coaching."




"Camila is a pleasure to work with; she was a guiding light during some of my darkest days. She made me feel empowered and strong so I now can stand tall with confidence, knowing that I am THAT *witch*. She keeps it real, so you have someone to keep you accountable, not just tell you what you want to hear. She is kind but firm, magical but grounded. I highly recommend working with her and cannot wait to again soon!"


"My first reiki session with Camila was wildly eye-opening and beautiful! I was nervous at first but Camila made me feel super comfortable and created a safe, open environment for me to explore my energy. I am super thankful for the experience as it has helped me take the first steps in my healing journey. Will definitely do it again!"


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