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A soul worthy of living the life of your dreams?


A powerful creator with the ability to manifest anything you desire?


Are you ready to remember who the F you are and EMBODY THAT ENERGY? 



SOVEREIGN SPACE is a six-week journey over Zoom, created to dissolve your old limiting belies, toxic conditioning, and self-doubt, and fully embody your enouhgness! This journey will help you become confident! Radiant!  Fulfilled! And feeling safe enough to be your authentic self ALWAYS!  

This journey is for YOU if...​

You want to feel empowered and confident!

You're sick of people-pleasing and trying to be perfect all the time! 

You're tired of doubting yourself and your capabilities!

You know you want more from life, but not sure how to get it!

You're ready to be a conscious creator of your reality!

You are sick of your old stories and ready to let the past go! 

You want to have a massive spiritual break through!

You're ready to break free from limiting beliefs! 


6 weeks journey (Presentation)_edited.jpg


Did you know that you are currently creating your reality from default conditioning that was programmed before you turned 7 years old?!! We are taught at an early age to be reliant on the external to validate our worth and our lovability. This is why we can often feel like a victim of our reality - "life is happening TO me" instead of a sovereign being - "life is happening THROUGH me"


What if I told you there was a better way? 

What if I told you that your personality isn't all of who you are?

What if I told you I had a formula backed by neuroscience and full of somatic practices and manifesting tools that could free you from the expectations the external world has placed on you and bring you home to who you were born to be!?

What if I told you that after six weeks of Zoom calls in a safe and conscious community, you could start living the life of your dreams? 

What if I told you that your authentic self is enough NOW? 

What if you're just an application away from becoming a co-creator with the Universe ?!


sovereign soul: one who possesses supreme power or authority over their own life


how it works

We'll meet each week over Zoom for an experience in community. You'll be given Soulwork to complete before our next call.

And you will have support via the Whatsapp group chat throughout the entire journey!

WEEK 1: Self-Discovery
We will use powerful tools, meditations, and mood boards to clarify exactly what we want and who we are underneath all the societal programming! 

WEEK 2:  Coming Home
Through deep inner child regression therapies, we will reprogram old narratives, heal childhood trauma, and let go of not-enoughness once and for all! 

WEEK 3: Somatic Healing
You'll be guided through a breathwork and embodiment practice to shed layers of inauthenticity, and suppressed emotions, getting you into energetic alignment and ultimate freedom! 

WEEK 4: Self-Love
Using proven and powerful scientific methods, you'll not only heal your relationship with self, but fall madly in love with your life!

WEEK 5: Receiving Your Blessings
Becoming the energetic match for all things good is step one, but then you get to master the superpower of authenticity to co-create with the Universe! We will learn how to have fun manifesting the life of your dreams and feel good doing it! 

WEEK 6: Integration & Celebration
To complete your SOVEREIGN SPACE upgrade, you will be receiving Light Language Transmissions, Reiki, an Akashic Record Group Healing, and practical tools to navigate life after the container. 


what people are saying

"I don't even recognize the person I used to be. Camila's given me the tools to be confident and free to be myself while healing my anxiety."

"Camila creates a safe space to address challenges head-on while holding me accountable when needed."

"I'm shining brighter and speaking my truth respectfully to my supervisors at work. This has been such a powerful week and I am grateful!"

"I feel free and I finally know my purpose!"



Over the last decade, I have become incredibly aware that the voices keeping me from my greatest capacity to experience joy and love were not mine. Through my own healing work, I discovered that my true essence is pure love and light!


As a child, I radiated 'joie de vivre' but was programmed to live according to societal expectations and standards of what's normal or right, despite what I felt in my own heart! 

I always longed for a sense of belonging and thought that if only I wore, said, or did the right thing...I would be accepted. But instead, I became completely misaligned with my soul and fell into deep depression, drinking my days away, with no direction or inner guidance system. 

Excuse my language, but F*CK THAT! 

We can only feel a sense of belonging when we are being our true, authentic selves. And that means undoing all the programming from your childhood, partners, and society that told you how and who to be.

It's time now that we take back our power by uncovering who we were before the trauma, get aligned within ourselves, and live a life full of purpose and joy! 

To be a sovereign being means you own who you are and every choice you make. You decide what's right for you and you move through the world consciously! 

Are you ready to joined me?

6 weeks journey (Presentation)_edited.jpg

The journey to your sovereignty begins July 8th, 2024.

 Applications must be submitted by July 1st!

total cost: $1111 (payment plans available)

It's time to get soul-aligned!!!!

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