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Partner Experience

How to use your Love Gift Box

Deepen your Connection, Enhance Romance, and Inspire Intimacy

1. Light up Dragon's Blood Sage and take turns smudging each other to cleanse and clear. Take your time. 

2. Prepare your Sex Magic Cacao and infuse it with shared intentions. Visualize the depth of connection you wish to experience together and imbue the cacao with these shared desires. Take slow sips of the cacao simultaneously, allowing the warmth and richness to open your hearts and deepen the connection between you. Share what your grateful for in the partnership and what you would love moving forward. 

3. Spray each other and the space/bedding with Sexual Healing Spray to set the mood. 

4. Take turns giving and receiving. The receiver will lie down as the giver places the tow crystal on their body to activate a deep sense of love.

5. Giver will use the Love Roller Bottle to massage the receiver's body. Start with hands, feet, and shoulders. Then, switch roles. 

6. Make sure to each carry a crystal around with you to keep the ritual activated!

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