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21 DAY

Mastering Money $$$

Congratulations on choosing to take this journey of mastering money with me!


The challenge starts August 1st but you can start any time in August. Here's how it works:

- scan QR code each day to find your journal prompt for the day and meditation link

- complete your writing and meditation

- post to IG (tag me @camilagreenberg #21dayjournalchallenge)

- DM me or text me to let me know you've finished (520.406.5704.)


If you complete 21 consecutive days of this challenge, you will be sent a link to book a one-on-one SOULSPACE coaching session. 

The opportunity this Challenge offers you is a doable and digestible way to get into a routine and habit of self-reflection and meditation - all while learning to master money. While I have kept these prompts simple enough to fit into a busy schedule, I encourage you to delve as deeply as you feel inspired and please feel free to share any breakthroughs or challenges you may have throughout your journey. The guided meditation below includes a Light Language channeling to support you in aligning with abundance and creating a healthy money mindset. 

Have fun - stay committed - and do it for you! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

Camila  XOXO


DAY 1: What does Mastering Money mean to you?

DAY 2: When you think of money what emotions, thoughts, and feelings arise for you?


DAY 3: Without editing yourself, finish this sentence at least 10 times - “Money is…”

DAY 4: Our default belief systems stem from our childhood. What role did money play in the house when you were growing up? What beliefs were being taught to you about money when you were a kid?


DAY 5: With the awareness that our beliefs create our reality, what beliefs or ideas would you love to have about money?

DAY 6: Now use these beliefs as affirmations and write out each one at least ten times. 

DAY 7: If your new beliefs were true and you had infinite abundance, what would you invest in?

DAY 8: The investments you journaled about yesterday illuminate where your values lie. What are you noticing are your core values?

DAY 9: Now look at your spending over the last two weeks. Were your investments in alignment with your values? Explain. Are there any adjustments you can make?

DAY 10: List the 5 people you spend the most time with and describe their relationship with money.

DAY 11: Now list 5 wealthy people who inspire you - describe their relationship with money.

DAY 12: Is there anyone in your life that no longer aligns with your personal values and goals? Is there anyone you know who inspires you that you can spend more time with?

DAY 13: Reread your affirmations from DAY 6 and look around your home. Is there anything that no longer aligns with you that you'd be willing to let go of? When we release, we make space to receive. Look through closets, drawers, and cupboards. What items are aligned and which are not aligned with your new belief systems?

DAY 14: Has money ever caused stress in your life? Explain. 

DAY 15: Has money ever blessed your life? Explain.

DAY 16: Money is energy and that energy is listening! Write a letter to money - express the good, bad, and ugly - perhaps some forgiveness is needed? Maybe some gratitude?

DAY 17: Write a second letter to Money. But this time, ask for what you want! Have fun with this - imagine money is ready to give you anything and everything but just needs to know what you want!!!

DAY 18: Now let’s get into a receptive mode! Make a list of 10-15 things you are truly grateful for. Not feeling it? Continue to list things you're grateful for until you feel your energy shift!

DAY 19: Giving goes hand-in-hand with receiving. If you had infinite abundance, what gifts would you love to give and to whom?

DAY 20: Write a Dear Diary entry from the future once you've received unlimited abundance and prosperity! Have fun with this and get as detailed as you want. Describe what your life is like now that you have mastered money!

DAY 21: List 10 things you would buy for yourself or do for yourself if you had infinite abundance. (bonus: do one this week!)

YOU DID IT!!!!! Now schedule your free 1:1 integration call HERE 

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